How Can Microservices Benefit Your Bank or Credit Union?

Editor's note: Financial institutions that utilize microservices will have the ability to divide large systems to improve modularity and increase flexibility and functionality.  Read More

Executive Spotlight:  Christina McGeorge, VP of Solutions Consulting & Product Marketing

Editor's note: In this quarter’s executive spotlight, we highlight Christina McGeorge, D3’s vice president of solutions consulting and product marketing. Read More

What Digital Means In Banking: Brand Experience

Editor’s Note: The following is part one in a series of blogs excerpted from a report published by Celent entitled Defining A Digital Financial Institution by Daniel Latimore and Zilvinas Bareisis . D3 Banking has... Read More

Digital Is The Branch But Many FIs Lack The Personal Touch

No one disputes that branch traffic is down and digital use is up at financial institutions. However, there is much debate over the conclusion that such a trend means that branchless banking is just around the corner. ... Read More

Monetizing Digital Banking Channels

Financial institutions are awash in data that could enable them to construct the most intimate financial portrait of their individual customers in history including information about transactions, financial holdings,... Read More

Optimizing Digital Banking Content And Services

The influence of digital access points on the decision by consumers to switch financial institutions continues to grow in importance.  It makes a “business as usual” approach the most significant risk an institution can... Read More

What Can Financial Institutions Learn From Retailers?

An IBM report analyzing 2014 holiday spending shows the distinction and complementary nature of digital devices. Smartphones drove 31 percent of total online traffic, nearly two and a half times that of tablets. While... Read More

The Real Threat To Financial Institutions In The Digital Age

Christoffer O. Hernæs is executive VP of strategy, innovation and analysis at Sparebank 1 Group, Norway’s second-largest financial institution. His thoughts were recently published in TechCrunch and are second to none I... Read More

Digital Banking, Core Renewal And Thinking From The Inside Out

More than a couple of really smart folks in the industry have suggested that for financial institutions to be able to respond to the digital revolution raging around them, they first must address the deficiencies in... Read More

BBVA, Dwolla Digital Innovators That "Get It"

This past week, many industry news outlets reported on the new partnership between BBVA and Dwolla.  According to the news release issued by BBVA, the agreement means that the bank’s customers will be able to use the... Read More