Executive Spotlight:  Christina McGeorge, VP of Solutions Consulting & Product Marketing

Executive Spotlight

Editor's note: In this quarter’s executive spotlight, we highlight Christina McGeorge, D3’s vice president of solutions consulting and product marketing.

Each quarter, we will be highlighting a member of our executive team, asking them questions about their past, their work with D3 and perhaps most importantly, where they see the fintech industry headed. For our first spotlight, we had a conversation with D3’s vice president of solutions consulting and product marketing, Christina McGeorge.

Christina has been working in the financial services industry for nearly 30 years.  Before joining D3, she began her career as a software engineer at ACI Worldwide, where she worked for 20 years.  In her current role at D3, Christina is responsible for product growth, both in existing and emerging markets. Her industry passions extend beyond her work at D3; Christina is also heavily involved in NACHA, serving as a board member of the organization’s Afinis. This group works toward developing an API standardization “playbook” to help fintechs, banks and businesses effectively leverage APIs in the financial services sector.

Christina_McGeorgeQ: How did you end up working in the fintech industry?

Studying computer sciences has always been an interest of mine.  While working on a degree in management information systems at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I switched my focus to solutions architecture to gain a broader skill-set.  My curiosity and passion quickly grew beyond just computer sciences and I began pursuing opportunities in the fintech space.

Q: What has been your career defining moment?

My enthusiasm for the fintech space was born while designing front-end authorization systems at ACI and back-office solutions for BHMI.  This experience gave me greater knowledge of particular niches within the fintech space. 

I’m passionate about my work and the way certain solutions affect people’s lives, especially when it comes to providing people with the opportunity to better themselves financially.  This passion is what drove me to join D3 more than five years ago.  Being only the 15th employee at D3 gave me the opportunity to help build our platform in a way that helps banks and credit unions reduce complexities in their systems while allowing  end users to better understand their financial situations and enhance communication with their banks.

After joining D3, I gained a new perspective on the industry and suddenly the trajectory of my career made sense. Without my previous experiences and the perspectives gained from them, I would not have been positioned to contribute to D3 as I have, helping to design our platform from the ground up.

Q: How have you seen the fintech environment evolve, and what’s coming next?

The fintech industry has come a long way in the last 20 years; however, it is an industry that continues to suffer from various obstacles or barriers that encumber its success.  Digital banking solutions have enhanced the efficiency of conducting financial transactions and managing our financial lives, but further implementing standards across operating environments and platforms - for both banks and credit unions - will help make this a more seamless process and unified industry.  Working together, banks, credit unions, fintech organizations and even trade organizations such as NACHA and AFT, can create a unified ecosystem that will help achieve this vision and provide cohesive and transparent financial solutions.

Digital platforms have significantly evolved and will continue to do so. Utilizing data analytics to anticipate customer needs and personalize offers has the potential to set financial institutions apart in today’s competitive environment. At D3, we’re committed to helping banks and credit unions modernize their technology infrastructure and digital offerings to better help customers and members and provide their institutions with a competitive advantage.