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Are Wearables Just a Bad Sequel to the Smartphone? Part One

Editor's Note: In part one of a two part blog series, we discuss the history and current state of wearable technology, especially as it relates to fitness trackers. The fitness tracker industry is struggling and... Read More

The Digital Imperative - Avoiding The 28 Weeks Later Scenario

Editor's Note: In part 2 of our blog discussing the zombie apocalypse, we dive into the 28 Days Later Sequal, 28 Weeks Later. Consumers, across all industries are driving the direction and pace of digital... Read More

A Disturbance In The Force

Editor's Note: Banking is different today.  Not so much in terms of what products and services are being offered but rather in how those offerings are delivered and by whom.  Of course, the banking landscape is not the... Read More

Report from the Frontlines: Digital Banking 2017

Editor's Note: With the ability to find just about any information you are looking for on the internet, the need for events such as tradeshows has been lost on some. For SourceMedia's Digital Banking conference, this... Read More

The Digital Banking Imperative or How Your FI Can Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse

Editor's Note: 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, Zombie Land, the list of zombie movies could go on and on. As it relates to many financial institution's digital banking offerings, the list of "walking dead" could go on... Read More

Bigger Than a Bread Box - The Online/Mobile Replacement Cycle

 Editor's Note: As an industry, we have really only reached the tip of the iceberg as it relates to digital banking. FinTech companies have the advantage when it comes to being nimble and providing the services that... Read More

The "It's Not My Job" Phenomenon

 Editor's Note: Everybody, at one point in time during their career has heard the saying, "I don't know, that's not my job." As technology continues to evolve quicker than financial institutions best practices do, we... Read More

Report for FDF Conference 2017

  Editor's Note: Last week we attended the Future Digital Finance Conference hosted in Amelia Island Florida. In this blog we review the show in detail and look at the various approaches to a digital banking platform.  Read More

When it Comes to Security, The User is Always the Weakest Link

 Editor's Note: In today's blog we discuss the vulenerabilities of mobile devices. While most users understand the risk involved with relaying personal information over mobile apps, many choose to ignore these risks due... Read More

BaaP: A Rose by Any Other Name?

  Editor's Note: In this blog, we dive even further into the concept of Banking as a Platform (BaaP) and what it can mean for banks and credit unions alike. As FinTech continues to grow and new offerings continue to pop... Read More